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Marske United FC Limited Share Prospectus Information

Marske United FC Limited Share Prospectus Information

Conner Kacperski5 Dec 2023 - 10:48
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Shares now available to purchase as of today!

Further to the recent announcement regarding Marske United Football Club Limited taking over day to day running of the football club, we are now in a position to open the offer to buy shares in Marske United Football Club Limited.

These shares are offered by the company of Marske United Football Club Limited and not by a private individual and the finance generated will provide a financial boost for the football club, in order for the club to continue to compete at Step 3 of the National League system.

The new directors of the club are determined to provide financial security, in order for the club to continue to grow and achieve the highest league status as possible- along with runs in the cup competitions that we enter.

To assist in providing this financial security, along side the finances generated from the share issue, new directors have invested in the club with further directors and investors due to be announced shortly. This alongside the increased commercial activity in raising sponsorship, match day incentives and additional social events, will allow the club to set a balanced budget for the season 24-25.

Buying shares is the ultimate way of showing your support for Marske United. Not only will it give you a genuine sense of ownership of your football club, it will also give you a voice as to how the club is run. At Marske United we DO want to hear from shareholders on a regular basis and this is why the most important item on any shareholder meeting agenda will be the “open forum” - at which shareholders will be encouraged to ask questions and put forward suggestions. As well as a fully transparent Annual General Meeting, we envisage holding additional shareholder meetings through out this period, in order to update shareholders on the progress of the Limited Company.

Buying shares comes with no strings attached and no further obligation because getting involved and coming to meetings is entirely optional.

The shares available are Ordinary Shares and 100,000 shares are available priced at £1 per share. Every purchaser of shares will receive a named and numbered share certificate and they will be entered into the company’s share register, that will be actively kept up to date as required by company law. The minimum amount of shares to buy is 10 (£10.00).

Shares can be purchased by completing the form below providing your name, address, contact details, the number of shares you wish to purchase and by transferring payment to the bank details on the form using your telephone number as the bank reference.

From this you will receive confirmation of your purchase and a share certificate will be provided within 28 days.

All persons who expressed an interest in purchasing shares, should also have received an copy of this prospectus information, direct to the email address that they provided.

As an inclusive and committed community club we are also offering, for those who would prefer not to pay on line, the opportunity to meet a member of the board of directors who will be on hand at each home game (in the club house) either before or after the match to assist with the purchase of shares.

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